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JAR European Joint Aviation Requirements

These Regulations are directly applicable in Switzerland according to the following ordonnances: VJAR-FCL, VJAR-66, VJAR-147, VJAR-145 and VJAR-OPS 1. The most relevant JARs are published by JAA in PDF-format only. All other Regulations in printed or electronic form must be purchased from IHS at substantial prices. This is an absolutely unbearable situation, keeping in mind that the regulations are to be observed as national binding legislation. JAA really sucks!

German translations of JAR-OPS 1 and JAR-FCL 1 are available at the LBA Homepage.

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FAA Federal Aviation Regulations

These regulations are subject to frequent change. For up to date and complete information refer to the List of FAR's and consult the relevant FAA pages.

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Treaties of the Warsaw System

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Convention on International Civil Aviation

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Other links to Aviation & Space related Law

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Swiss Air Law Resources

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